About Fran

I believe that a strong community begins and ends with its members. I’ve lived in Acton with my family for the last 30 years and I love our town. I’ve consistently put my efforts into making a positive impact locally and I’m excited by the opportunity to serve on Acton’s Board of Selectmen. I believe that every aspect of our governance and town planning should prioritize equality and that Acton can be welcoming and accessible to everyone.

Recent events in our town have inspired me to become more involved in public service through local government – something I never imagined I would do. I believe we are at an important moment that provides us with an opportunity to more fully reflect the true values and hopes of our community including openness, kindness, empathy, and equity for all people. Whether you have just moved to Acton or your family has lived here for generations, I believe this community is strengthened by our evolving demographics and the tremendous contributions of its members.

As a representative on the Board of Selectmen, I will commit myself to respectfully championing our town’s diversity and development and I will work with you to bring inclusivity and our shared values to life.

Over the past thirty years, I have spent hundreds of hours attending our town’s Board of Selectmen meetings as an active and engaged citizen, volunteering as a classroom aide, volunteering at Household Goods helping folks choose items to furnish their homes and Jones Tavern supporting the Patriot’s Day and open tap room festivities and as a member of the Steering Committee for the Racial Justice 4 Black Lives community group. I am proud to begin my sixth year on our town’s Historic District Commission, an appointed position. In addition to my local commitments, I have also volunteered for Rosie’s Place at gift wrapping fundraisers and clothing drives and Community Servings project that feeds the homeless in Boston. As you can see, I love my community and our region!

I believe the strength and character of a community is captured in the passion, engagement, and empathetic work of its members. I am exceedingly proud of our town and have great optimism for our future. I humbly ask for your support this March 30th to do the important work of moving the Town of Acton forward and demonstrating the important core values of fairness, inclusion, and community engagement.

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