‘Sunrise Acton proudly endorses Fran Arsenault for Board of Selectmen. Fran recognizes the urgency of the climate crisis and has demonstrated her commitment to building a sustainable and climate-resilient Acton. In addition to supporting the efforts of community climate organizations, Fran is uniquely aware of the interconnectivity of environmental and social justice issues and strives to address both in tandem. We are confident that Fran will prioritize local climate action as a member of Acton’s Board of Selectmen and we are excited to see what change she will make.’ – Sunrise Acton

Fran has demonstrated the courage to stand against a system that divides the country. As the founder of the organization RJ4BL, I endorse Fran Arsenault as Board of Selectmen (BoS) in the town election in Acton because she can help us bridge the economic disparity, political and social gap in the town.’ – Lowingski Jasmin, Founder of RJ4BL

‘I believe that there is a way forward that honors Acton’s history and character, while championing and celebrating its diverse community. Fran is the person, in my estimation, to help us chart this course.’ – Christine Russell

‘I’m proud to endorse Fran Arsenault for Board of Selectmen and I look forward to voting for her on March 30th. Acton is a dynamic, complex community. To progress and grow into the kind of town that is capable of serving all of us, we need new leadership in town government that listens to all of our residents with an open mind, open heart, and hopeful spirit. Fran will help provide that leadership.’ – Kyra Wilson-Cook

‘Friends, I am excited to endorse Fran Arsenault for Acton Board of Selectmen!’ – Amy Krishnamurthy

Acton faces clear challenges in the years to come as its population continues to change and diversify. I believe Fran is a leader that can prioritize equity and accessibility in governance.’ – Tessa McKinley

‘Fran Arsenault is the real deal. I support her to bring REAL change to Acton. Honesty, Integrity and Leadership is needed, and we can count on Fran to bring that.’ – Evelyn Abayaah

‘At this moment in history, it is crucial for us to have leaders with diverse life experiences and perspectives so that more voices will be considered before decisions are made that impact all of our lives. I believe Fran’s work and experience will best achieve that in this election.’ – Ginny Kremer

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