Balancing Affordable Housing and Preserving Town History

Acton has a rich history – I value this, and that is why I’ve volunteered on the Historic District Commission for the past 6 years. Preserving Acton’s historic charm must be balanced with the need for affordable housing as well as environmental impacts of housing development in our town.

How can we do that in a way that is welcoming, walkable, cost effective and sustainable? I believe one major opportunity to achieve this vision is reusing existing housing units with a focus on housing near the train and the villages. My position is in alignment with Acton’s 2020 Housing Production Plan’s number one goal to create affordable housing primarily through rehabilitation or reuse of existing buildings where feasible.


  • School Street historic property

I was also given the opportunity to complete Housing for All Acton’s 2021 Questionnaire for Select Board Candidates – you can review this document to find out more about my views on housing issues in Acton.

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